Best coffee shops and cafes in Nelson, BC, Canada
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Where can you get a good cup of coffee in Nelson BC?
by Sarah Sussman

Nelson BC is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.  This small town in the Kootenays is well known for being in the center of skiing, mountain biking, fishing and other outdoor activities.  The city is also becoming well known for it's great coffee!  Aside from being able to buy coffee beans locally roasted from Oso Negro and Kootenay Coffee, there are many cafes and coffee houses where you can sit down and enjoy all types of specialty coffees.

Here are some of the best places to get a good cup of coffee in Nelson.

Oso Negro - 604 Ward Street
This coffee roaster also has a cafe located on Ward street, about one block up from Baker street on the corner.  You can buy roasted beans here, or sit down and enjoy many types of coffees or desserts.  It is generally considered the best coffee in Nelson, and they ship their beans all over the world.  Locals usually just refer to them as 'Oso'.

Jigsaws Coffee Company - 503 Baker Street
Centrally located on the main corner of Baker Street, this location has been serving up great coffee and desserts for years.  Sit inside or outside if it's a nice day.  Menu also includes smoothies, bagels, chilli all types of specialty coffees.  Now has free wireless too.

Sidewinders Coffee Company - 696 Baker Street
Modern coffee cafe located on a corner of Baker Street, across from Pharmasave.  Specialty coffees and desserts.  Close to mountain bike, ski and sport shops.

The Dominion Cafe - 334 Baker Street
At the other end of Baker Street from Sidewinders, this cafe is located in an old storefront with character.  This isn't a large cafe, but it's cosy.  Wholesome raw food, smoothies, juices, desserts and specialty coffees.

Grounded Organic Coffee - 616 Vernon Street
Located one block down from Baker Street on Vernon Street, beside the New Grand Hotel.  Billed as an organic coffee house, serves lunches, desserts and specialty coffees in a comfortable setting.

The Hip Drip Coffee House - Prestige hotel
Serves organic specialty coffee and teas from it's location inside the Prestige hotel, beside Kootenay Lake.  Also has homemade wraps, sandwiches, and muffins.  Free parking in hotel parking lot.

The Vienna - 411 Kootenay Street
In business since 1984, this European flavored establishment has organic choices, hearty lunches, specialty cakes, desserts and baked goods - along with great coffee.

Starbucks - (inside Safeway off Highway through town,
211 Anderson st.)
For those who just can't do without their Starbucks fix, there is a small Starbucks outlet located in the Safeway Grocery just beside the main highway through town.  Serves hot coffees, desserts and you can buy the beans there too.
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